1) Costa Rica has low cost of living and property taxes. Property taxes are typically 0.25% of the property value. 

2) In Costa Rica there are highly affordable land and home prices. Construction costs are also cheaper than in the United States and for the same construction quality, it typically costs $50/sq ft and up depending on materials and finishing details.

3) In Costa Rica, there is no restriction to property ownership by foreigners.

4) Costa Rica has one of the highest levels of foreign direct investment per capita in Latin America.

5) Costa Rica benefits from strong foreign investments thanks to the country's political and economic stability, high education levels and various governmental fiscal incentives offered in the free-trade zones. No wonder, more and more foreign companies are opening branches in Costa Rica.

6) Costa Rica has an inexpensive and excellent social health care system.

7) Costa Rica welcomes foreigners and over 50,000 Americans are already calling this green paradise home.

8) Costa Rica enjoys stable economic growth (more than 3% in 2010). Although agriculture and tourism are still the backbone of the country’s economy, high value added goods and services, including microchips, have further bolstered exports. In deed, Costa Rica is often referred as the “Silicon Valley of Central America” and in terms of estimated GDP, agriculture represented 6.3%, industry 22.9% and services, 70.8% in 2010. 



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