Homeownership may be the most important asset-building strategy for individuals. The value of homeownership gives homeowners a feeling of control, a greater sense of security and stability.

Homeownership is typically given a lot of importance and homeowners are generally allowed to do whatever they wish in their homes. Homeowners have the right to make choices and decisions regarding changes to their homes that renters may not be able to make.

Homeownership is a financial goal most families share. There are significant community benefits to homeownership as well. Owning a home gives residents a stake in the community and a sense of “rootedness” in their neighborhoods. Enjoying the privacy that a home brings, making long lasting friendships with neighbors and best of all taking pride in your home. The pride you’ll feel in owning and improving your home is an emotional value that cannot be expressed in dollars and cents. The value of homeownership has been thought to promote thrift, stability, and neighborliness.

Homeownership is thought to be an important element in achieving personal fulfillment. When asked to define the good life, polls have shown that many Americans value owning a home over such factors as an automobile, a happy marriage, an interesting or high-paying job, and good health. The value of homeownership is credited with increasing self-esteem, life satisfaction, and an overall feeling of worth. Owning a home embodies the promise of individual independence but there are also many responsibilities that come with owning a home. The value of homeownership has been thought to pro-mote thrift, stability, and neighborliness.

If you are looking to buy your own home in Sarasota or Miami areas, these are some points to consider when seeing the value of homeownership. Allow us to help you see the value of homeownership.

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