On 19 February 2013, Kijner & Sons International Realty participated at the "32nd Meetings for Real Estate Professions" organized by the Paris & Parisian Region's FNAIM Chamber for Real Estate Professions* (CIM-FNAIM). 

The FNAIM is the French National Real Estate Federation, which by its number, is the first European organization for real estate professionals. Hosted in the magnificient decor of "La Maison des Arts et Métiers" private lounges, the meetings were followed by a refined cocktail during which French Real Estate specialists met and networked.

Mr. Didier Camandona, President of the CIM-FNAIM, invited prominent speakers from the banking, political and real estate spheres to debate on subjects such as the real estate economic prospects for 2013, condominium management as well as upcoming housing and urban legal bills.

Key speakers included Mr. Pierre Harel (Crédit du Nord), Mrs. Véronique Baco-Reaume (Ecole Supérieure de l'Immobilier), Mr. Jacques Laporte (Foncia), Mrs. Françoise Descamps-Crosnier (Deputy-Mayor, Rosny-sur-Seine), Mr. Jean-Jacques Hyest (Senator-Mayor, Madeleine-sur-Loing), Mr. Michel Frechet (President of the Housing General Confederation), Mr. Ruchard Titin-Snaider (CMI-FNAIM Administrator) and Mr. Jean-François Buet (President of the FNAIM). Video support was provided by TivImmo, the interactive real estate and housing e-channel.







Laura Kijner (KSI Realty)









* Chambre FNAIM des Métiers de l'Immobilier de Paris et la Région Parisienne (C.M.I.)