While many tenants are busy figuring out which neighborhood to live in, the perfect school to enroll their children into, the right building amenities, and the best furniture to decorate their newly rented apartment or condo in the city, they often forget to protect themselves against rental incidents such as fires and burglaries.

A responsible and careful person should take into consideration that a number of unexpected life circumstances, accidents or potentially financially grave scenarios could occur.

KSI Realty New York Inc. highly recommends its tenants to consider speaking with a licensed insurance broker to learn more about the different policies that exist to protect them, their family and their belongings.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should get Renter’s Insurance:

1. Protect your wardrobe inclusive of any mishaps at the dry cleaner.

2. You accidentally run someone over while jogging, bicycling or roller blading and get sued.

3. The airline, train or bus company misplaced or lost your luggage and you may be eligible for compensation or emergency money. 

4. Frozen pipes that exploded during the winter and submerged your apartment or those of the person below.

5. You got burglarized at your home or while on vacation – you will be reimbursed up to a set limit for your laptop, jewelry and personal belongings (make sure to scan and store on cloud your receipts).

6. Your strollers, bicycle or grocery carts got stolen in front of your unit or your new TV/appliances fried due to a power surge.

7. Water incidents resulting from overflown dishwashers, bathtubs or clogged toilets will have you covered as well as your downstairs neighbors.

8. Too many appliances are plugged into an outlet and your breaker cannot prevent a fire, which rapidly spreads to your neighbors – you are covered. 

9. While your apartment is condemned due to fire, flood or total destruction; you are put at a hotel up to a certain limit while you search a new place to relocate.

10. Legal hotline and professional guidance in the event of an incident.

To recap, a few hundred dollars a year (usually a few extra dozen of dollars a month) can very well turn out to be the life saver that you have been looking for all this time.

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Source: blog repost from our New York site http://www.nyc2buy.com/blog/the-10-reasons-why-you-should-get-renters-insurance