Florida has always been an attractive place for foreign investors but of few regions and countries account for a majority of home sales to international buyers. Kijner & Sons International Realty is pleased to present a recent survey by Florida Realtors® which describes this specific market and clientele in 2010.

Percentage of recent sales to international clients in 2010

> Canada accounts for 36% 

> Western Europe accounts for 29%

   - United Kingdom: 15%

   - Germany: 5%

   - France: 3%

   - The rest of Western Europe: 14%

> Eastern Europe accounts for 7%

> Latin America accounts for 16% (including Mexico, the Caribbean nations, Central America and South America)

    - Venezuela: 3%

    - Brazil: 3%

> Asia & Australia account for 6%

> Africa & the Mideast account for 6%

To read the complete report titled "Profile of International Home Buyers in Florida", click here