Kijner & Sons International Realty is pleased to share with you My Home in Thailand’s recent interview on French TV channel TF1, which aired Saturday the 19th of February in the evening. The interview was part of a special coverage on new holiday hot spots and luxury eco-tourism in Thailand, a growing trend among celebrities, wealthy people and nature lovers alike.

My Home in Thailand, our exclusive partner in Kanchanaburi not only specializes in vacation rentals by providing its guests with a typical Thai holiday villa near the famous bridge over the river Kwai but also organizes adventure tours in the region for those willing to discover Thailand’s countryside, its people and their lifestyle.

If you understand French, you can access the video, here (just click on the last link, #6: “Les stars en mode Robinson”). 

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TV Replay: TF1, 50 Minutes Inside, “Les stars en mode Robinson”, 19 February 2011