Kijner & Sons International Realty
is pleased to share with you the latest report from the National Associations of Realtors® (NAR), entitled "NAR Global Perspectives: International Investments June 2013". "
This issue takes a look at some of the forces that drive money into international investments, including five major factors that motivate people to invest abroad and five major destinations for international money".

As you will see from this extremely interesting read, the United States make the list of the five major investment destinations for international buyers thanks to being the world's most solid economy - despite the recent recession - and a country where one has a great quality of life in a welcoming environment. But even more interesting, Thailand and Costa Rica are seen as the next international real estate hotspots for investors looking for safety and return. 

To read the full June 2013 NAR report, click here or on the image below.

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