The Full Moon party occurs once every month, and of course on the day of the Full Moon. The party is located on one of Thailand's touristy islands called Koh Phangan. The party attracts people from neighboring islands as well as from around the world. It is the one party you don't want to miss. It is known as the all night beach party located on Haad Rin Road. One can easily arrive to Koh Phangan by taking a ferry, which is available at just about every corner of the island.

The party attracts thousands of visitors every time where people gather to have the night they will never forget. The party basically starts at 6 pm and ends at 7 am the next day. People, ages 16-35, come and gather for a night of dancing, drinking, and more dancing. During the course of the party people have fun by skipping rope that is lit on fire, doing the limbo, dancing on picnic tables, and rocking out to the various DJ booths along the beach. During the party one can easily, get off the beach and enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants on Haad Rin Road.

This party is something on a checklist to do.

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