Kijner & Sons International Realty was invited to speak at the Bangkok Investors Club on October 20th, 2012 about the Florida real estate market and investment opportunities available in the USA to foreign investors.

As the keynote speaker, Marc H. Kijner who is the director of the Bangkok office, held a conference entitled "Real Estate in the USA: The Easy Steps from Investment to Immigration".

There, he was able to communicate his passion and knowledge for international real estate with an audience comprised, among others, of businessmen and businesswomen of different nationalities and professional backgrounds all sharing a common interest for international business opportunities and wealth management.

Various subjects ranging from REO’s to residency options in the USA were covered during this conference.

In addition, the event was followed by an informal dinner where attendees were able to ask questions, share valuable insights on investment matters and network in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

To download the conference in pdf format, click here.

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