Kijner & Sons International Realty is pleased to share with you in-depth details about one of our recent Overseas Property & Investment Shows that took place in Shanghai, China.

Learn more about how KSI Realty manages the various aspects of an international real estate event, from setting up a colorful and attractive booth to greeting the many visitors and assiting families and investors looking to purchase income-producing properties and/or relocate to Florida (USA), France, Thailand and Costa Rica. 


Located in Shanghai, China, the KSI Realty team proudly represented themselves at the Shanghai Investment and Property Exhibition Show. The exhibition center is situated in the heart of Shanghai, and the building offers large-scale conferences and exhibition services for important political, economic, science, technology and cultural activities. The center has a total floor space of 80,000 square meters, large enough for massive exhibition shows.

Over the four-day exhibition, from March 15-March 18, the KSI Realty team, representing information on Thailand, Costa Rica, France and the USA, met and discussed many investment and immigration opportunities with various Chinese investors. We were located at booth 2009 situated at the entrance of the show, where the KSI Realty team was pumped, organized and ready.

The booth looked beautiful and was decorated with banners displaying the activities that KSI performs, including banners depicting some of the exclusive properties that KSI Realty was selling in France, Costa Rica, Thailand and the U.S.A. In one corner of the booth, KSI Realty had their representative lawyers from Florida, discussing mainly EB-5 immigration to the United States with potential clients. EB-5 immigration has been very attractive to foreigners looking to settle in the U.S.A and quickly become eligible to be a Green Card holder. Throughout the show, at the front of the booth, the KSI Realty team displayed and handed out various flyers and brochures for people to take at their leisure, depicting the investments to be made in Costa Rica and the U.S.A, as well as immigration to the United States, and even brochures depicting real estate owned properties in Miami Florida

On Saturday March 17, from 11am - 12pm, the entire KSI Realty team, held a free lecture in front of hundreds of people. Each member of the team discussed their activities by giving a brief presentation, and the KSI Realty team was lucky enough to have Charle Yin and Elise Hei as our interpreters. 

For four days straight, non-stop, the entire KSI Realty team was up on their feet, greeting, answering, and assisting potential clients with questions and interests in our portfolio activities. There was constantly a great deal of hype and energy. A great deal of Chinese people throughout the show decided to meet with Marc Kijner, Ivette Loaiza, or Anthony Olson, to receive a more detailed explanation and an in-depth analysis of an investment or immigration endeavor that they wished to take on. Our team was more than happy to sit with visitors for up to an hour, because we understand that our clients have concerns and we are there to assist them. 

Local visitors from Shanghai, as well as from other provinces in China, like Wong Zu and Changzhou, came and attended the exhibition show. Many of the people that came to our booth varied in age, as well as social status. At times, families of four or five came together to inquire about immigration or investment purposes. Most of our visitors were friendly, and were very well informed about the obstacles concerning legal and financial issues when it comes to purchasing properties. The people we were dealing with were mainly business-oriented people, with the occasional elderly couple looking for a retirement home.     


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