Whether you're buying your first FL home or moving to a new home due to size or neighborhood constraints, there are a number of things you'll want to think about before you even start your search. Location, age, style...these are all important considerations that will impact your home purchase.

However, no matter if you're searching for condos, luxury homes, or more family-oriented real estate in Miami, one of the biggest selling points will be size. How much home you buy will impact your ability to accommodate your family, your belongings, and your life, and square footage is often one of the best ways to maintain resale value. Many homebuyers in the Florida region adhere to the adage that “bigger is better,” and the homes for sale in the market today reflect that.

How Much is Too Much?

Before you rush out and buy the biggest house you can afford, it's a good idea to evaluate your housing situation and what your needs really are. By being creative with space and changing the way you look at value vs. square footage, you may discover that it is much more convenient – and cost-effective – to consider a smaller living space.

Square footage costs money. Not only are you going to pay more in your initial purchase price for a home that's twice the size, but a bigger home tends to equal bigger money all around. From utilities, electricity, and regular maintenance to buying enough furniture to fill the space, there is a lot about a big house that requires your time and money. Also, many of these factors increase pretty rapidly the older your home gets (especially upkeep and heating), so that large historic Miami house for sale might require your attention for decades to come.

You don't want the biggest house on the block. If you have the biggest house in your neighborhood, chances are your home value will be affected – and not in a good way. People almost always prefer to live in the nicer Miami real estate areas, and are willing to sacrifice things like square footage and luxury amenities to get there. A big or nice house in a less desirable area might not lend itself to better resale later.

You'd be surprised what a little organization can do. One of the best things about buying a new FL home is that you get a fresh start in the place you call home. You are handed a blank slate in which to fit your life, your furnishings, and all the items you've accumulated throughout the years. If you buy a smaller house with a better layout, you might be able to fit all your things with room to spare. If your new home doesn't have that extra bedroom you'd been hoping to convert into a study, you might find that some built-in shelving and a cleverly placed room screen more than makes up for it. Homes in Europe tend to be half the size of their American counterparts, but clever organization and setup makes them seem much, much bigger.

Your new home in Miami doesn't have to be the biggest house in the neighborhood, and it doesn't have to come with an impressive square footage tag in order to be a good investment. Many individuals have found that a cozy townhouse right in the middle of downtown brings a lot more opportunity than a four-story suburban home could never do, and many families are brought together by a big, open kitchen instead of a kitchen and formal dining area. Talk with us to learn more about finding a space that can be transformed into a home – no matter how big or small it is.