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Broker/Seller Relationship

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Real Estate's jargon and laws can be a bit difficult to grasp for first time homebuyers and sellers. Kijner & Sons International Realty would like to help you better understand how real estate in Florida works. Today, let's start with what we commonly call the Broker/Seller relationship and what it entails.

To be enforceable, Broker/Seller relationships are contractually established verbally - if the listing agreement is less than a year - or in writting - if it is longer than one year.

A listing agreement in writing must include the following elements to be valid:
1) A descritpion of the property: you can use the previous deed for a complete and thorough legal description
2) An expiration date: a listing agreement cannot contain an automatic renewal provision as per Florida law
3) Price and terms
4) Fee or commission: the commission rate is always negotiable between the broker and the seller
5) The signature of the seller

Keep in mind that if the property is owned by more than one person, but only one of the owners has signed the listing agreement, that owner is legally bound if the broker didn't know about the existence of the other owner(s). However, the broker will not be able to enforce the agreement against the owner(s) who didn't sign the listing agreement. If both owners are married and if the broker performed his/her obligations, the listing agreement is enforceable against the spouse who signed it. 

Negotiation tips for sellers in Florida

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Sellers are sick of hearing about how this is a “buyers market.” Homebuyers are demanding so much right now. Here are some tips from Kijner & Sons International Realty to help you take some of the stress out of selling your home in this market.

Don’t mention deadlines for selling your house, even if you have one. Keep it to yourself. Letting others know you are in a hurry to sell gives them the upper hand. Don’t share too much information about yourself and why you’re selling either. That can hurt a potential sale. When asked why you’re selling give a vague and definite answer, and think about it before you’re asked. Don’t hint at your desire to move quickly. Don’t let the buyers know if it’s a divorce sale. That is code for buyers to give a low-ball offer because they know you need to sell quickly.

If you can’t afford the mortgage payments and that’s why you’re moving, try negotiating with the banks. They will generally work with you to lower payments when they know you are actively trying to sell the house. It’s good for the bank if you sell your house in a regular sale, so they may be willing to work with sellers in the Miami or Sarasota Florida areas.

Stop trying to prove that your house is worth buying. Let the house sell itself. You are attached to your house but potential buyers aren’t, yet. So try not to be there, so they can see themselves in the house rather than see you. Plus if you’re not there buyers can’t read your body language and ask you questions that could help them get a good deal on your house.

If you’re truly in a hurry to sell and you don’t have time to convince buyers that you’re not, try offering the agent an incentive. Make an offer short term, like for three weeks, and then you’re not stuck if six months down the line the sale is made.

Having a plan b is also a great idea in Florida. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Expand your options rather than panicking. Renting out the house is an option. Making it known that you have a plan b will let buyers know you aren’t desperate to sell and can take your time. The buyer will know they aren’t the only game in town.

Take back some of the power in selling your house! Kijner & Sons International Realty will help you get what you deserve.

5 Things to Know About Title Insurance

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Title insurance protects the holder from any losses sustained from defects in the title. It’s required by most mortgage lenders. Kijner & Sons International Realty is pleased to share with you five other things you should know about title insurance.

1. It protects your ownership right to your home, both from fraudulent claims against your ownership and from mistakes made in earlier sales, such as mistake in the spelling of a person’s name or an inaccurate description of the property.

2. It’s a one-time cost usually based on the price of the property.

3. It’s usually paid for by the sellers, although this can vary depending on your state and local customs.

4. There are both lender title policies, which protect the lender, and owner title policies, which protect you. The lender will probably require a lender policy.

5. Discounts on premiums are sometimes available if the home has been bought within only a few years since not as much work is required to check the title. Ask the title company if this discount is available.

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Unclutter Your Home and Get It Ready to Sell

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

It is very important to make a great first impression to the potential buyers of your home. Every seller wants their home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Does that sound good to you? Well, it's not luck that makes that happen. It's careful planning and knowing how to efficiently unclutter your home that will excite buyers. Here is how to prep a house and turn it into an appealing and marketable home.

Get rid of those items that have been sitting around for years without being used or even handled. This is the hardest thing for most people to do because they are emotionally attached to everything in the house. After years of living in the same home, clutter collects in such a way that may not be evident to the homeowner. However, it does affect the way buyers see the home, even if you do not realize it. Buyers and real estate agents should see your house in its best condition from the very first day it's on the market.

Here are a few approaches to take to unclutter your home and get it ready to sell. Almost every home shows better with less furniture. Remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways and put them in storage. Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room appear larger. Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room's purpose and plenty of room to move around. You don't want buyers scratching their heads and saying, "What is this room used for?"

Another way to unclutter your home and get it ready to sell is to make those minor repairs and best of all, make the house sparkle! Only do one room, or even one small area, at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Your best friend is the trash bag; when in doubt, throw it out. Many find it easier to use boxes to sort items, so you don’t have to find a home for everything as you unclutter. Most important, be quick and decisive when sorting. Tell yourself:
• If you don't need it, why not donate it or throw it away?
• Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored in a closet when not in use.
• Think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway.

If you are getting your house ready to sell in the Sarasota and Miami Florida areas, then take a step back and pretend you are a buyer. Let a friend help point out areas where you can unclutter your home and let Kijner & Sons International Realty help you to get your house ready to sell.

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