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Happy Chinese New Year

by Kijner & Sons International Realty


In Chinese astrology, 2018 marks the Year of the Dog,
the eleventh of all the zodiac animal signs in a twelve year cycle.

Did you know?
A dog’s most defining traits are their loyalty, honesty and good nature.
They are committed, tenacious and hard workers.
They are also popular in social circles and good at helping others. 
They seek a good life surrounded by family and friends.
They are true homebodies and 
the definition of
"home is where the heart is"!

With a New Year, comes new beginnings.
If you are in the market for a new home, we are here to help!

In the meantime, all of us at KSI Realty
wish you a prosperous, healthy and lucky Year of the Dog!


Happy Thanksgiving

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Wishing everyone celebrating a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Dear Friends,

We want to thank you for partaking in our continuous growth and success. Your business and the trust you place in our company mean everything to us. With a spirit of renewal and excitement, we look forward to be by your side in 2017 for all of your real estate needs in the US, France and Thailand!


Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring you and your loved ones many opportunities, good health and prosperity.

With our very best wishes.

Kijner & Sons International Realty

Holiday and Winter Fire Safety

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Residential fires take their toll every day, every year, in lost lives and destroyed property. The fact is that many conditions that cause house fires can be avoided or prevented by homeowners. Taking the time for some simple precautions, preventive inspections, and concrete planning can help prevent fire in the home – and can save lives should disaster strike. Here are some important recommendations for homeowners:

  • All electrical devices including lamps, appliances, and electronics should be checked for frayed cords, loose or broken plugs, and exposed wiring. Never run electrical wires under carpet or rugs as this creates a fire hazard. 
  • Wood-burning fireplaces should be cleaned by a professional chimney sweep each year to prevent a dangerous buildup of creosote, which can cause a flash fire in the chimney. Cracks in masonry chimneys should be repaired, and spark arresters inspected to ensure they are in good condition and free of debris.
  • If using space heaters, keep them away from beds and bedding, curtains, papers – anything flammable. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Space heaters should not be left unattended or where a child or pet could knock them over. 
  • Use smoke detectors with fresh batteries unless they are hard-wired to your home’s electrical system. There are also some newer models with ten-year batteries. Smoke detectors should be installed high on walls or on ceilings on every level of the home, outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom. Statistics show that nearly 60% of home fire fatalities occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Most municipalities now require the use of working smoke detectors in both single and multi-family residences. 
  • Children should not have access to or be allowed to play with matches, lighters, or candles. Flammable materials such as gasoline, kerosene or propane should be stored outside of and away from the house.
  • Kitchen fires know no season. Grease spills, items left unattended on the stove or in the oven, and food left in toasters or toaster ovens can catch fire quickly. Don’t wear loose fitting clothing, especially with long sleeves, around the stove. Handles of pots and pans should be turned away from the front of the stove to prevent accidental contact. Keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher within easy reach.
  • Have an escape plan. This is one of the most important measures you can take to prevent death in a fire. Your local fire department can provide detailed recommendations on escape planning and preparedness. Another excellent resource is In addition, all family members should know how to dial 911 in case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Live Christmas trees should be kept in a water-filled stand and checked daily for dehydration. Needles should not easily break off a freshly-cut tree. Brown needles or lots of fallen needles indicate a dangerously dried-out tree, which should be discarded immediately. Always use nonflammable decorations in the home, and never use lights on a dried-out tree. 
  • Candles should be placed in stable holders and placed away from curtains, drafts, pets, and children. Never leave candles unattended, even for a short time.
  • Holiday lights should be checked for fraying or broken wires and plugs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when joining two or more strands together, as a fire hazard could result from electrical overload. Enjoy your indoor holiday lighting only while someone is home, and turn the lights off before going to bed at night.

 Are you looking to sell or buy a house, a condo, a villa or an apartment in Miami Florida or New York City? Do not hesitate to contact us at or visit us at

Algemeiner Breakfast with former Miss Israel Yityish "Titi" Aynaw

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

On November 4th 2016, Kijner & Sons International Realty hosted a by invitation only Algemeiner event in New York City to honor Yityish "Titi" Aynaw, the first Ethiopian-born Israeli model to win Miss Israel in 2013. The Algemeiner Journal which is the fastest growing Jewish newspaper in America, invited a handful of lucky guests to enjoy a tasty breakfast while listening to Titi's inspiring story of courage, resilience and hard work.

From her poor but happy childhood in Ethiopia's Gondar Province to her struggle adjusting to a new life in Israel after losing both her parents at a young age, Titi's journey is truly moving and heartening. Learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture and assimilating into a foreign society are some of the extraordinary steps that the former Miss Israel took to rise to success.

Titi who met with U.S. President Barack Obama and who has been named one of the most influential Jews for the year 2013 by the Jerusalem Post, has fully embraced her status as a role model for her community. Further to her various projects, she is currently working on establishing a youth center in Netanya Israel to benefit underprivileged and at risk-children.

We are happy to share some photos of the event with you that you can view by scrolling down this page.

Questions, comments? Contact us today at

Yityish "Titi" Aynaw

Yityish "Titi" Aynaw

Yityish "Titi" Aynaw and Dovid Efune, Editor-in-chief of The Algemeiner

Laura Kijner and Yityish "Titi" Aynaw

Yityish "Titi" Aynaw and Marc H. Kijner


Source: Photos courtesy of The Agemeiner and KSI Realty New York

Position Opening at our New York City Office

by Kijner & Sons International Realty


KSI Realty NYC is hiring a Real Estate Clerk for its New York City office. This full time position must be filled out by December 2015. If you wish to apply, please review the job description as mentioned hereinafter to make sure that you meet the job duties and requirements.

The Real Estate Clerk will be responsible for maintaining all real estate files and handling administrative duties for the office. Requiring a community college diploma or its equivalent with 2 years of experience in the field or in a related area. The Real Estate Clerk must have knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within the real estate field such as inputting new listings on a CRM system, coordinating calls, following up with and assisting the Sales Associate (SA) and the Broker Associate (BA) with office secretarial work.

The Real Estate Clerk will possess great interpersonal skills and will be able to live in a high pressure environment, follow instructions and understand pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. The Real Estate Clerk will work under immediate supervision of the Managing Broker. 

Job Duties & Responsibilities (not intended to be an all inclusive list but rather a fair and reasonable example of daily tasks)

- Manage the client base by ensuring SA/BA are inputting new leads in the CRM system according to guidelines
- Provide the template forms to register prospects to SA/BA
- Track sales target of SA/BA in accordance with Managing Broker requirements
- Ensure daily office staffing and cold calls, as well as follow up and farming to generate leads to be assigned to SA/BA
- Ensure that all units are still available, in a clean and marketable condition to ensure best showing experience to SA/BA and their prospective clients
- Provide SA/BA with prospective buyer and seller screening guidelines to ensure compliance with sales and that purchase objectives are met
- Work with Managing Broker to create all necessary paperwork to commence the Rental, Sale and Purchase process and ensure SA/BA have completed files before moving to the next step
- Work with Managing Broker and SA/BA to create marketing collateral, property listings and update the company website
- Participate and help manage social networking websites to promote properties
- Ensure compliance with all fair housing laws when conducting all transactions
- Collect on behalf of Managing Broker all files and forms to be reviewed and approved by Managing Broker prior to signing and transmitting binding documents
- Follow office Brokerage manual internal policy and assist SA/BA in enforcing it
- Answer phone calls and provide secretarial assistance to SA/BA as well as Managing Broker
- Keep an office calendar up to date

Qualified applicants shall send a resume and a cover letter to Mr. Marc Kijner at

Qualified applicants shall already be allowed to legally work in the USA. 

Say hello to our new agents!

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Kijner & Sons International Realty welcomes its newest team members. Please meet the faces of our Thai office located in vibrant Sathorn district, Bangkok's prime financial and business center.

For all your real estate needs in the city of angels, our dedicated agents will be more than happy to assist you whether you are looking to rent, sale or buy a condo, a townhouse, a retail or an office space. 

We are just a phone call or email away!

To search some of our latest listings for rent or sale in the greater Bangkok area, just click here. We update our listings weekly!


Saovalak Phetsirikoon (K. Tuck) is KSI Realty’s Bangkok Office Manager, supporting the company’s operations in Thailand while ensuring a perfect coordination between clients and the sales team. Saovalak graduated from Kasetsart University with a Bachelor of Sciences in Agricultural Sciences and a Ph.D. in Horticulture. She is both fluent in Thai and English. She is also familiar with the USA as she has spent several months at both Louisiana State University and University of Hawaii, studying and doing research work over there in her field of study.


Nonthalee Pochan (K. Nan) is one of KSI Realty’s Sales Associates for the greater Bangkok area. She is specialized in residential real estate and most specifically in rentals. Nonthalee graduated from Kasetsart University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science before joining DHL head office and human resource department. She also gained further experience by working for the sales department of a European real estate company in Phuket. Nonthalee is fluent in Thai and English and has some basic understanding of Spanish.


Panukorn Patipatdontri (K. Hi) is one of KSI Realty’s Sales Associates for the greater Bangkok area. He is fluent in Thai, English and Chinese. With a background in Business Administration and Management, Panukorn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Assumption University. Panukorn has an in-depth knowledge of Thailand thanks to his tourism license from Silpakorn University, the leading Thai University for Fine Arts. In addition, Panukorn has also been a successful interpreter for the past five years. He has worked for both the U.S. Marine and Thai Navy in Lam Chabang in charge of weapon logistic. He then pursued his career onto property consultancy specializing in residential real estate. 

2 Position Openings at our Bangkok Office

by Kijner & Sons International Realty


KSI Realty Thailand Co. LTD
 is hiring two (2) Sales Administrative Assistants who will report to the Office Manager of its Bangkok real estate agency. These full time positions must be filled out by September 2015. If you wish to apply, please review the job description as mentioned hereinafter to make sure that you meet the job duties and requirements.

Job Responsibilities

The Sales Administrative Assistants (SAA) will perform administrative and office support activities for the Office Manager. Duties may include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and filing. Extensive software skills are required, as well as Internet research abilities and strong communication skills.

The SAA shall support the company’s operations by maintaining office systems and have knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within the real estate field. The SAA will work under immediate supervision of the Managing Brokers and the Office Manager.


Job duties

  • In charge of clerical and technical support for the sales department of our Bangkok real estate agency. Recordkeeping responsibilities may include sales and expense reports, electronic databases and sales proposals for leads or prospective customers. The SAA will plan meetings and ensure that sales representatives in the field are in contact with home office staff/management
  • Clerical duties include but are not limited to:
    - Answering the telephone

    - Making visits and travel arrangements

    - Maintaining office files and records according to the office internal standards and procedures

    - Composing and typing letters or emails

    - Opening and distributing mail, email, fax

    - Organizing, planning and conducting meetings, events and conferences

    - Handling administrative duties for sales team and preparing sales records and statistics
  • Maintain and manage the company’s CRM
  • Responsible for permanent interaction with the wide public and for answering their questions as well as greeting clients. Interaction with prospective, existing and past clients to promote our agency and its services. Encourage repeat business
  • Elaborate strategies under the guidance of the Office Manager by assisting and coordinating the marketing plan in establishing sales outcomes and goals
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed
  • Participate and assist with local and international property shows, conferences and seminars 
  • Maintain office services by

    - Organizing office operations and procedures

    - Preparing all necessary and appropriate forms to register a new prospect, add a new listing, make an offer or close a transaction. For example but not limited to, lead registration form, lease agreement, purchase agreement, sale’s contracts etc.

    - Controlling correspondence with and among management, prospects, clients, colleagues and the company’s ancillary network of professionals (accountant, lawyer, juristic officer, handyman, contractor, home inspector, financial institution, etc.)

    - Maintaining all real estate files and handles administrative duties for the office as directed by the Office Manager 
  • Provide historical reference by defining procedures for retention, protection, retrieval, transfer, and disposal of records. Regularly update clients’ file individually saved in the CRM system. Any relevant pieces of information and communications – including, but not limited to, recap of meetings, phone calls and emails - shall be at any time retrievable and available on the CRM for review and follow up by other employees and management
  • Develop a client base by generating and inputting new leads in the CRM system (cold calls, attending professional networking events…). Weekly follow up of new leads as well as current and past clients by email or phone call
  • Ensure compliance with professional standards of ethic when conducting all transactions, dealing with the public and the other employees/colleagues at the office
  • Establish sales target in accordance with the Office Manager requirements. Complete monthly survey
  • Ensure that all agency listings are updated weekly. Ensure that each unit is still available, in a clean and marketable condition. Ensure that the price and description of each property are still current 
  • Screen prospective tenants, buyers and sellers according to the company’s guidelines to ensure compliance with lease, sale and purchase objectives
  • Work with Managing Brokers and Office Manager to create marketing collateral, property listings, and update the company’s website and social media 
  • Meet with prospective tenants and buyers who wish to either rent or buy a property. Fill out the appropriate tenant and/or buyer registration form(s). Organize property showings with prospective tenants and buyers
  • Meet with landlords and sellers who wish to put their property on the market for either rent or sale. Take photos, fill out the appropriate owner registration form(s), create a listing and upload the property onto our online platforms, etc.
  • Secure the company’s right to compensation/commission at closing by having:

    - A potential tenant sign a “registration clause” allowing the Broker to register the prospect with developer companies, owners or rental companies

    - A potential seller sign a “right of sale/agency clause”

    - A potential buyer sign a “representation agreement” and a “right of sale/agency clause”
  • Implement the marketing plan created by the Managing Brokers and Office Manager to ensure the lease, sale and purchase of real property
  • Review and approve with the Managing Brokers and Officer Manager all files and forms prior to signing and transmitting binding documents 
  • Accompany sellers and buyers to the Land Office at closing to facilitate and supervise the transfer of the title of property (shanot)


Office Manager Skills and Qualifications

  • Data Entry Skills, Reporting Skills, Administrative Writing Skills, Understanding the Customer, Customer Focus, Informing Others, Self-Development, Attention to Detail, Professionalism, Teamwork 
  • Language requirement: fluency in Thai (native or bilingual level), very good command/understanding of English (oral and writing) and/or Mandarin Chinese
  • IT/Computer skills: proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, Internet search engine, and social media. Understanding of basic CRM software and paperless transaction pipeline. Notion of video and photo editing a plus
  • A minimum 2 year college degree
  • A minimum 2 year general sales’ experience, preferably in the field of real estate or direct sales
  • A valid driving license (motorcycle and/or car) and a personal smart phone


Compensation & Benefits

The Sales Administrative Assistants shall be compensated as follow:

  • Full reimbursement of expenses related to business travel and commute such as gas and highway tolls if you use your personal vehicle for work (proof of receipts required) 
  • Up to 50% reimbursement of taxi and MRT/BTS fares to go to and from work appointments
  • Grade A prime location office in Sathorn as well as a personal desk and work station to work from
  • A company’s laptop for professional use (mac or pc)
  • Unlimited access to domestic and international phone calls (for office work only). Unlimited use of a company’s laser printer (for office work only)
  • A company’s car for professional use (maintenance, insurance and parking paid by the company, excluding gas)
  • A company’s motorcycle for professional use (maintenance, insurance and parking paid by the company, excluding gas) 
  • A monthly base salary of 12,000 THB net
  • An additional 10% sale’s commission on each closed transaction. For example, on a total and net 100,000 THB commission collected by the Brokerage, a Sales Administrative Assistant that closes a transaction, will be awarded 10,000 THB (100,000 x 10%)
  • Thai social security and welfare

Qualified applicants shall send a resume and a cover letter at (ref. # SAA092015)

Happy Easter!

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

KSI Realty wishes you a Happy Easter!
May the Easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate and may it be a wonderful time
spent with your friends and family this Spring.

KSI Realty vous souhaite de Joyeuses Fêtes de Pâques
Nous espérons que le lapin de Pâques vous apportera de délicieux oeufs en chocolat
et d'heureux moments à partager en famille et avec vos amis en ce début de Printemps. 


Happy Holidays!

by Kijner & Sons International Realty

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From our Paris, Bangkok, Sarasota and Miami offices, 
we wish you and your loved one, a joyous Holiday season


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